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Wallace Edgar Anderson, None

conflict:World War II
serial number:37310388
location:2622 Ordnance Transportation Company; Africa; Italy; France.
enlistment date:Oct. 7, 1942
place enlisted:
discharge date:None
place discharged:
history:Died in vehicle accident in France while in the line of duty.
service documents:
references:Chisholm War History Committee Records. Iron Range Research Center, Chisholm, Minnesota.

Personal Information

date of birth:Feb. 2, 1921
birth place:Chisholm, MN
home town:Chisholm, MN
date of death:Sept. 10, 1944
father:Anderson, Alfred
mother:Anderson, Irma
siblings:Edward, Wilbert, Dale, Richard, Evelyn (Francescetti), Lorraine (Combs), Avis, Sandra Jean.
school:Chisholm High School

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