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Helmer Swante Akola, None

conflict:World War II
rank:Petty Officer
serial number:
location:Midway, Guadalcanal, the Coral Sea, Eastern Solomon Islands, Second Savo, Gilbert Islands, Marshall Islands.
enlistment date:Feb. 2, 1937
place enlisted:
discharge date:Feb. 23, 1944
place discharged:
history:Received a medical discharge after being hospitalized in the Great Lakes Navy hospital; instructor at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center.
service documents:
references:Chisholm War History Committee Records. Iron Range Research Center, Chisholm, Minnesota.

Personal Information

date of birth:April 16, 1917
birth place:Tower, MN
home town:Chisholm, MN
date of death:Aug. 29, 2005
father:Akola, Emil
mother:Akola (Larue), Tyyne E.
school:Virginia High School

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